Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This morning Margie decided she was ready to get up a 5 am. Being the awesome mom that I am, I let her cry, sure she would go back to sleep. She did. About 5:55. At 6 am the lovely sound of Bob Marley crooning Buffalo Soldier woke me up. I am not sure why Matt sets his alarm. We are usually always awake, and if we aren't, he probably isn't getting up then anyway. I guess it is payback from my years of abusing the snooze button. Add to the mix our eastern exposure master bedroom in a state that gets 300 days of sunshine and it is summer. We are usually up with the sun or shortly thereafter.

We also discovered the need for a plunger in the girls' bathroom and ours was left behind. Matt made an early morning trip to Walmart.

Lily woke up with a fever. No other complaints, but a fever of 103. A dose of Tylenol brought it down and it has been hovering around 100 the rest of the day. She did take two naps though, meaning I was forced to cancel plans for tomorrow. Bummer.

Since we were homebound today, I spent a good deal of time perusing the interwebs for home decor. I decided I want one of everything from World Market. Specifically, I want these curtains for my laundry closet.

Somewhere during my curtain hunt I decided I am going to run the Hot Chocolate 5K this year. It is October 6. I have less than 4 months to go from couch to 5K. Must get started...

Lily has not moved from the couch all day. Margie has been an extra handful to make up for her sister's ease to deal with.

But then Margie took an almost 4 hour nap. I am hoping it is due to her early initial wake up and not because she is getting sick as well.

After dinner I literally took Margie's high chair and hosed it off. I would have powerwashed it if we had a powerwasher. It was that nasty. The dog probably could have used a good hosing as well. When Margie decides she is done with dinner she tosses her plate. I try to be on my toes at meal times, but sometimes I don't catch her in time. The dog knows she will inevitably get some delicious people food if she sticks near Margie. Today she was a little too close and ended up with rice and beans on her head.

There are three wildfires burning in Colorado right now. None are really close, but they freak me out. I am not a fan of fire. Like at all. When I was younger I begged my parents for a ladder for my room. My cousins had a fire in their garage and I wouldn't go over to their house anymore.

And now, if you will excuse me, Margie is dancing on the kitchen table. I wish I was joking....

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