Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Sweet Home

The girls and I have been in Colorado a month now, and I can honestly say it feels like home.
A lot of things are the same, yet so many our different. Obviously the house is new, but laundry in the same. Except when I hang clothes to dry they are dry in a couple hours. I still cook dinner, but a lot of things seem to cook differently here. Or I forgot how to cook. I go grocery shopping every week, it just takes me twice as long because I am learning my way around King Soopers (the local grocery store.)

I love, love, love the mountains. I could stare at them all day and I really like hiking. Of course, my house will never be "done" if I spend every weekend hiking and playing in the mountains.

It is always sunny. I love this and then also not so much. We have tons of windows and get lots of natural light...and heat. I don't mind an occasional overcast day and I really miss rain. I hear they are getting some back home...

My house is awesome. But the inevitable "issues" are starting to show up. Overall though, I can't complain. Matt did a stellar job picking out the house and I am thrilled with it. And once we really make it our own it will be perfect.

There is a huge culture of fitness and outdoorsy-ness here. It is rubbing off on me. But it kinda sucks being the most unfit person in the state.

I miss our family a lot. But we have also made some new friends here, and been able to hang out with old ones that we didn't see that often when we lived in Chicago because they are out here.

Overall, this move is proving to be a good fit for our family! We are pretty settled, but also still have some settling to do. I can't wait until a few more projects are crossed off the old list!

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