Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fussy Pants

Margie has many nicknames: Apple Dumpling, Baby Cakes, Cheeks McGee, but her newest moniker is Fussy Pants. She has been the so fussy the past 24 hours. Last night she came straight into bed with me and nursed all night. Today she didn't nap while Lily was at school, denying me a shower. I couldn't put her down so I couldn't even make myself breakfast. I put her in the Beco and was able to vacuum and do laundry, which both needed to be done, but those little luxuries like food and hygeine were not to be had. After we picked Lily up from school my sister came over. She is moving to North Carolina in a couple days and it was nice to visit with her before she leaves. I am going to miss her! In the past couple years my sisters have really become my best friends. Luckily Jackie was obliging and held Fussy Pants a bit so I was able to make us lunch and change around loads of laundry. Lily, Jackie and I spent a relaxing afternoon sitting on the couch just visiting. Margie would occasionally nap briefly and was right back to wanting to be held. Jackie left and we had dinner and I went my deep water conditioning class. I decided last week to do something for myself and signed up for a class at the park district. Today was my second class and I love it. The nice thing about working out in water is no one can see what a boob you look like if you are super uncoordinated, like yours truly. When I got home last week I went straight to Facebook raving about the class and one of my friends actually signed up. I need to get a new bathing suit though. I am currently rocking my maternity tankini. The bottoms are too big and the top floats up so I wear a belly band underneath it which I pin to the bottoms and then I knot the top like people did with t-shirts in the 80s. I really need to get a new suit, but the idea of bathing suit shopping is scary enough, let alone with a fussy infant and rambunctious preschooler. I got home from class to find Matt holding a recently settled Fussy Pants. Apparently Margie screamed the entire time I was gone. Poor baby just wants her mommy.

And thanks to Fussy Pants, it took me about an hour to type this silly little post. I hope the fussiness passes soon! Lily was such a chill baby I feel like a first time mom again...

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