Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Normal

Today, after two weeks off school and activities, which is really more like three weeks since Lily missed most of the week before Christmas due to the plague, we are back to our regular schedule. As nice as our break was, I kinda like knowing what day of the week it is again! We are so off schedule, still, that I actually had to wake Lily up this morning. Luckily she was easily roused with the promise of mini pancakes for breakfast. She actually let me pick out her outfit this morning as well. I got the three of us ready and dropped Lily off at school and then Margie and I headed to Hannah Circle. I really like Hannah Circle and love the ladies in it. We are doing a book/Bible study on Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I had to remember to set my alarm on my phone so I could get Lily in time. Margie was awake the entire time we were there, which isn't really a big deal, but admittedly, I like it when she sleeps and I can really concentrate and enjoy some mommy time. I picked Lily up from school and we came home and ate lunch. I put on some cartoons and fed Margie and tried to get her to nap. The past couple of days she has been doing more cat napping than actual napping. I was in a super crabby mood for some reason. It might have something to do with me totally craving something sweet! I decided I was really going to cut back on sweets and sugar, which if you know me is kinda drastic because I have a major sweet tooth. I want to make some healthy changes to my diet and there is so much conflicting information out there - fats are bad, fat is necessary; carbs are good, carbs are bad; meat is good, meat is bad; you get the idea. The main thing that everyone seems to agree on is that sugar is bad. I have done pretty good, but I was totally craving something sweet. I decided I would have a couple of coffee - I got a Keurig for Christmas and it is my favorite thing ever! I made a cup of decaf and added some half and half and cocoa powder. It was like a mocha, but not sweet.
It didn't totally do the trick, but it was really good and took the edge off!

We had a play date this afternoon at the park district. The childcare area is closed for a couple hours in the afternoon but you can pay and bring your kids to climb around and play and you watch them. A group of us from MOPS have gone a couple times and it is nice for the mommies to visit and the kids to burn off some energy. Lily has this little friend that she is always talking about but when they get together to play they don't always get along. Lily will decide she doesn't want to play with her and there are tears and it is just so funny because she always asks when she can have a playdate with this girl but then doesn't want to play with her when they have the chance. Hanging out with some of my mommy friends totally helped my mood! I love hanging out with people in the same stage of life as myself. We came home from the play date and I made dinner. It was a little tricky because all day Margie has wanted to be held and pretty much screamed if I put her down. I had to let her scream so I could just get dinner started and then as soon as I picked her up she was happy as could be. I can't wait for her to get a little bit bigger and then I can hopefully put her in the carrier on my back when cooking. She loves the Beco, but I can't do much in the kitchen when she is on my front. I made this soup recipe that I found in Cooking Light and it was really good. After I cleaned up for dinner, Margie and I headed out to meet a friend for coffee. It was so nice to have a chance to catch up with my friend and time always flies so quickly. We were sitting there talking and the barista rudely announced to the six or so people in Starbucks "Thanks for stopping by, we're closed, go home." Thankfully this wasn't at my normal Starbucks! And for the record, I just got a latte (decaf of course, since I am nursing!)and wasn't even tempted to get a sweet drink.

And before I forget, I have to add a little Lily funny. It didn't happen today, but I want to write it down before I forget. I was singing (badly)"Joy to the World" before Christmas. I sang the line "Let earth receive her King" and Lily thought I said something about saving the king, so now she always asks me to sing the save the king song. She is just too funny!

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