Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Climate Change

Today it was 55 degrees. In Chicago. In January. It is the third 50+ degree day we've had. Tomorrow we are supposed to get 6 to 8 inches of snow. Lily is so excited. She got dark rosa snow pants for Christmas and has been anxious to wear them. By the way, she says all her colors in Spanish. I'm not sure where she picked it up initially - Dora probably - but I have since added Google Translator to my phone because she is constantly asking me how to say something in Spanish. I kinda wish I remembered more of my high school Spanish. I was pretty proficient my senior year. Sigh...
Today was the first day since before Christmas that actually felt kind of normal. Margie was kind enough to nap while Lily was at school so I took a blissfully hot and long shower. After school we ate lunch and then Lily was being a little mouthy so I sent her to play in her room and Margie and I took a little nap.

We then headed to ballet. Ballet is at 4:15 but for some reason every.single.week I think it is at 4:00 and therefore we get there way before class starts. Today Lily ran around the lounge area outside the dance studio singing at the top of her lungs about how she will protect Margie...from the windows, and the ceiling, and the plant, and the exit sign...It was hilarious. I don't know where that girl gets her energy! When Matt go home we went out for pizza. There is this great little place that sells pizza by the slice and has a nice selection of microbrews. I have been craving pizza for a while, and I am not actually usually a huge fan of pizza, but this place is just that good!

After that we ran by Target. I wanted to get the little book tabs for my Bible and also a devotional to do with Lily, both of which I had been told you can get at Target and neither of which I could find. If the roads aren't too bad tomorrow I think I will be heading to the Christian Book Store. I have been wanting to do a devotional with Lily for a while and just today she was saying I never do anything with her. I don't think that is true, I think she is still adjusting to sharing me, but I think this could be our special time each day. After Target Matt dropped us girls at home and ran by the library to pick up a book for me and a couple movies while I got Lily ready for bed. When Matt got home he got the last few things arranged in the garage so we could pull the van in before the snow. I am all for a little snow. I have really liked the warm weather, but it just doesn't feel like winter. That being said, I have a small window tomorrow where I need to get Lily to school, then to a doctor's appointment a half hour away, and then back to pick Lily up and extra traffic because of crappy road conditions won't help. So if the snow could just hold off until about noon tomorrow I will then gladly welcome it!

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