Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's finally starting to feel like winter! And for once the weather forecasters were right on the money. It started snowing right about 8:30 and has been coming down since. I am thankful it started right as we got out the saved having to dig out this morning. I dropped Lily off at school and headed to my doctor's appointment. I was expecting Margie to sleep the enitre time but she was wide awake. Luckily she was happy and smiled at all the ladies gushing over her. As I was driving home she started crying and I couldn't find her paci and I didn't really want to dig around for it while driving since the roads weren't the best. I decided to pull over and totally started to slide as I was pulling into the parking lot. I missed hitting a sign by just a few feet and smacked into a curb. I am pretty sure I jacked up the alignment on the van. Awesome! It was pretty hairy on the way to pick up Lily as I slid through pretty much every intersection. Thank goodness they were all four way stops, though everyone seemed to be sliding. We got home from school, ate lunch, and my SIL came over and brought my Starbucks. We hung out all afternoon and watched the snow and chatted. Lily tried her hardest to steal all the attention. My friend called and asked if she and her son, one of Lily's best buddies, could stop by before she picked up her older son. I am always happy to have my friend over and an added bonus was someone to distract Lily :).
Unfortunately I also got a phone call telling me the soccer class I had signed Lily up for was cancelled due to low enrollment. I had anticipated this because when I checked online a couple weeks ago it showed only two people signed up (Lily and one of her friends). I had been monitoring it, but no one else signed up. I am kind of bummed and so is Lily. She really wants to play soccer, and since my sisters and I all played soccer for most of our youth, I was eager for her to play. Plus, I am always looking for an activity to burn off some of her seemingly boundless energy. I guess we will just have to try again in the spring. Now we will just have to see if the swimming lessons I signed her up for are still on. According to the website, there is only one person (Lily, I assume) signed up.
My evening wrapped up with dinner (I made the chicken lemon soup again that I made on Monday, along with some garlic bread). Lily crashed on the couch and Margie is snoozing in her bouncy seat and I folded some laundry and now I am just kicking back on the couch watching TV. Thursday night is the best night for TV: Bones, The Office (though I am kinda over it now that Michael Scott is gone!), Vampire Diaries. I know it is bad, but I am so happy to have all the shows back on after the winter break. I love ending my evening vegging in front of the TV! Now if I only had some chocolate....

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