Saturday, January 28, 2012

50 Pounds of Baby Love

I am a big fan of baby wearing, at least this time around. With Lily I had a borrowed Bjorn, which was horribly uncomfortable for both of us. I have since learned that those are considered "crotch danglers" and are not only bad for the wearers back, they are not good for a developing baby's spine and hips. I also had a peanut shell sling, which worked decently enough, but Lily was the independent,not so big on being close sort as a baby. Truth be told, she isn't really a big snuggler now. That is, unless I have Margie in the Beco Butterfly II. Then she crys that she wanted to be in the carrier. And while this carrier could easily accomodate her, Margie has clearly claimed it as hers, what with the spitting up on it and chewing on it. And the way her eyes light up and she gets the biggest smile ever when she sees me putting it on. So I decided to strap Lily in with my Maya Wrap. She was happy and secure and while I didn't get tons done, she was no longer exhibiting the jealousy towards Margie.

Margie loves loves loves to be worn. She will sleep, she will chew on the straps, she will coo. She is such a cuddly baby and sometimes it is the only way to attend to an almost 4 year old (sob!) as well as a must be held all the time baby. With Margie my go to carrier is my Beco. Best money spent. I haven't had her in the Maya for any length of time, but when she was littler (like newborn up to about 12 weeks) I loved my Moby. I still love my Moby and do occasionally use it as well. I think all three of my carriers will be interchangable in the months and years to come! And oh yeah, the only way I was even able to type this is with Miss Margie snuggled and asleep in the Beco.

Sometimes Lily likes to wear her baby (in a Moby type wrap I fashioned out of a scarf):

And sometimes she likes to be worn:

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Jen B. said...

There is a "baby wearing" group on CL that checks out various carriers on a month-month basis. It's really cool! You should see if you have one near you at all.