Tuesday, January 17, 2012

General Musings

Well well, whaddya know! One day is not adequate time for a laptop to dry out when a three year old spills a pint glass of water on it, but two days is! Thank goodness! Of course, Matt had already gone and purchased a big mamma jamma hard drive and a doo-hickie to transfer everything from the lap top's, and then deleted everything from the lap top's hard drive, but a couple hours time and the nominal amount we had been planning to spend on a big external hard drive but just hadn't yet sure beats having to live without the computer while it got fixed or having to buy a new computer. (How's that for a run on sentence?) So I am very, very, very happy that the computer recovered. However, remember when I mentioned the other day that I thought I messed up the alignment on the van. Yeah, I did. And we needed two new tires. Run flat tires, because the van doesn't have a spare, or space for one. So while we didn't have to buy a new computer, we did have to spend more money than I cared to (right, like I wanted to spend any money!)on van repairs. Matt did some calling and shockingly the dealership was actually the best price. So we now have a working computer and a better working van. Thank goodness we didn't have to spend big bucks on both.

This afternoon I changed Margie's diaper and went to wash my hands and use the bathroom. Since I never, ever get to use the bathroom alone, it was just par for the course that I had Margie on the bath mat and Lily barging in. Lily asked why Margie was on the floor and I told her that it isn't safe for babies to be on high surfaces where they can roll off and get hurt. I told her about how she rolled off our bed when she was a baby and luckily she didn't get really hurt but mommy shouldn't have left her there even for a second. (For the record, she was on the bed and I literally turned around to get something out of my dresser and she rolled off. Still, bad move mommy!) Anyway, a couple minutes later Lily came up to me and said "I forgive you." I said "Thanks Lily, but why do you forgive me?" She said "For putting me in a not safe place and letting me roll of the bed and get a little hurt." Cue mommy guilt.

I am so over winter! We have really only begun to get winter weather...just a week ago it was 50 degrees. But all the same I am done with winter. The mild temperatures have me tricked into thinking that spring is around the corner and then the next thing I know it is snowing. I didn't used to mind winter but ever since having kids it is just a pain in the butt. I want to go outside and not need a coat or have to worry about bundling the kids up. My ideal temperature range is between about 40 and 80. Rain, sun, wind...all fine. In six months I will be complaining that I am so over summer. I really just need to live somewhere where the climate is mild.

I am super addicted to Pintrest. I love looking at it. There are so many amazing things out there. But it leaves me feeling conflicted and confused. On one hand I am pinning all these recipes that look so yummy and I can't wait to try and then on the other hand I am pinning all these cute outfits and workout routines and inspiring quotes for working out. They just sort of seem to contradict each other. I am sure that if I were to try out all the recipes I have pinned I would end up looking even more like Jabba the Hut and would have dashed any hope whatsoever of looking cute in the outfits I have pinned.

Okay, that's my rambling for today...

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