Friday, December 9, 2011


Do you make resolutions for the new year? I kinda do, and they kinda last maybe a week. I have very, very poor follow through. I have lots of craft supplies for hobbies I am obsessed with...for a little bit. I work out hard core...for three days. I eat a healthy diet...until I get hungry or my sweet tooth gains control. I save money...until I want something. Do you see where this is going? This year, I am not so much making resolutions as making goals. Resolutions, in my mind, just seem destined for failure. I am kind of an all or nothing gal, so when I have a misstep with my resolution, I just chuck the whole idea. Also, though January 1 comes at the same time each year, I seem to be caught with lots of junk food in the house. Or I'm too tired to work out. Or, or, or...lots of excuses.

Some of my goals for 2012:
1) I want to be a "yes" mom as much as possible. I hate that because of my own selfishness, laziness, and agenda, I tell Lily no when she wants to do a craft, or play hide and seek, or help me with chores. I want to say yes to her more often (within reason...cookies for, not on a daily basis!)
2) I need to stop taking out my bad mood on my husband. He is my partner, my best friend. If I am crabby, I should look to him for support, not b*tch at him (there is no better word for what I do, sorry!)as though it is his fault. Taking out my crabbiness at him doesn't solve anything and doesn't make me feel better.
3) I want to eat real. I want to lose weight, but I am not going all fat free, low fat, etc. I want to cut out sugar and processed foods and not worry about eating a little butter.
4) I want to work out a little most days. So what if it is just some push ups and crunches in the living room? Anything is better than nothing and Lily and I had a good time doing "exercises" the other day. I need to get it out of my head that I need to do a video or go to the gym or whatever. Whatever I do at home is a step in the right direction.
5) I want to save up money. I need to make sure I am not buying things on impulse.
6) Better around the home! I need to get on a better cleaning schedule. I need to make sure I make a menu plan. Cooking at home will go a long way to a couple of my goals. And I love to cook. And I get huge satisfaction out of making a meal for my family, even if Chickie isn't always interested in what I make.
7) I just want to relax and be more chill.

What about you? Any goals for the New Year?

And oh yeah, I am not necessarily waiting until January 1 to start these changes. I figure might as well ease myself in...

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Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Hi Kelly

Not sure my earlier comment went through, so I thought I'd try again. I hopped over here to answer your question about cheesemaking. Congratulations on the new baby! Your girls are adorable!
To answer your question, yes, I do use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature for making cheese. If you have time, I'd love to know how your cheese making adventures go. Thanks!