Friday, September 9, 2011

The ABC's of Me

The other day my sister asked me if I was going to start blogging more again once the baby was born. I think she thinks I have been neglecting my poor little blog. One of my favorite bloggers – Frugal Babe – recently posted an “ABCs of Me” post. I figured it was an easy way to blog without having to actually think. So here we go!

A – Age. I’m 31.

B – Bed Size. Queen.

C – Chore I dislike. Is all of them an acceptable answer? I really dislike dusting the most, followed closely by cleaning the bathroom.

D – Dogs. We have 2 crazy mutts. At the moment, we actually have three as we are dog sitting my inlaws pup. As my husband likes to say, we are rich in dogs.

E – Essential start to my day. Cuddles with Lily. And coffee. Except when pregnant and nursing, the decaf isn't quite the same.

F – Favorite Colors. Neutrals. People tell me I look good in blue.

G – Gold or silver? Silver, or white gold.

H – Height. I’m 5’4″ish.

I – Instruments I play(ed). I briefly played the clarinet in 5th grade. I am not what you would call musically talented. At all!

J – Job title. Stay at home mom and homemaker.

K – Kids. One crazy three year old girl and another little girl "popping out" in a little over three weeks!

L – Live. A cozy (read: small) house in the suburbs of a big city. We have all four seasons and are entering my fav!!

M - Money tip I like best. Live like no one else so you can live like no one else.

N – Never plan to… hmmm, go fake tanning again.

O – Overnight hospital stays. I had a three night stay when Lily was born and am probably looking at the same when Apple Dumpling arrives.

P - Pet Peeves. When NFL announcers describe a player as athletic. As in "Jay Cutler is an athletic quarterback." No kidding. He is a professional athlete that makes millions a year. I sure hope he is athletic!

Q - Quote from a movie. We're gonna need a bigger boat. I love Jaws!!

R – Righty or lefty? Righty

S - Siblings. Two sisters who are two of my best friends.

T - Time I wake up. For the day, I am usually up by 7:30. However this is a cruel question because I have some fierce pregnancy insomnia right now, so I am pretty much up all night and only start to really get into a good sleep about 6:30 am!

U – Underwear. Yes, I wear underwear.

V - Vegetables I don’t like. Mushrooms. Are they even an veggie? I don't like cauliflower or raw onions or cooked peppers (but I love them raw!)

W – What makes me run late. Other people, namely my husband and daughter!

X – X-rays I’ve had. Dental, and when I threw out my back. Probably more, but my brain isn't working right now.

Y – Yummy food I make. I like to make soups. And I like to cook Indian food. I make a mean Indian chickpeas!

Z – Zoo animals I like. I like the penguins and the condors.

Do you have a blog? If you do, consider yourself tagged!

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