Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Final Countdown!!

Here I am! Less than a week until Apple Dumpling joins our family! This time next week I should be snuggling my brand new, 24 hour old baby! I am so excited that the end is near. This pregnancy has both flown by and totally dragged. I have been plagued with tons of aches and pains that I don't remember from my first pregnancy. I think a lot has to do with injuring and never fully healing my back when I was first pregnant. Also, this little girl has her head pretty much buried in my tailbone which is quite painful. I have also had some of the worst insomnia ever. Funny thing about this insomnia though...I don't mind when Lily gets up extra early because I can't sleep anyway. Or I should say I don't mind theoretically. It is still hard to drag myself out of bed, literally! I have been so anxious for this little one to arrive, hoping for the last week or so that I would go into labor, but now I am content to wait 5 more days. I know I am getting the anestesiologist I want for my c-section. Plans are all set for Lily and the dogs. Lily has also been fighting a little cold so I am hoping her sniffles are completely gone by Tuesday. Of course, she goes to preschool three days a week, so we may not be sniffle free until May. Just the nature of school I guess. We have a couple last minute things I'd like to get done, but everything that needs to be done is done. I am looking forward to enjoying my family of three the next couple days before we become a family of four!

I have gone from feeling very anxious the past month or so to really relaxing. I think there is something about knowing our lives are about to change that has helped me realize what the important things are. Everything fell into place. Matt has a nice little routine where he works from home most mornings, which is really nice and will continue until he has to start travelling again. Lily is still challenging me hourly, but I have changed my attitude a bit and what do you know, I may have been more of the problem then her! To sum up, life is good right now and it is about to get so much better!

Next time I check in I will hopefully have pictures and all that good stuff about our new little one!!

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Jen B. said...

Yipee! Can't wait!!