Thursday, December 16, 2010


As the first little flurries of the season barely dusted the ground, Chickie bounced up and down by the back door begging to go out to build a snowman.

"No honey, this isn't enough snow," I told her.

A couple days later when we got our first real snowfall, she once again jumped up and down "Is there enough now mommy?" "Yes honey, but it might now be the right kind of snow." She looked at me quizzically. There are kinds of snow? Ah yes. We bundled up to go out to play and alas, the snow wouldn't really pack well enough.

And then it rained, making the snow heavy and packable, but conditions outside less than ideal.

And then it turned bitterly cold, as is apt to happen in Chicago in the winter.

And so, with snow on the ground for a couple weeks now, we haven't built a snowman yet.

Not to be stopped by trivial little nuances like imperfect conditions, Chickie took matters into her own little creative hands.

May I present our indoor snowman (Daddy holding the top ball required!)


Stephanie said...

As usual, she is an adorable, creative genius!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

Oh my gosh, she's grown so much!

I'll try to get a linky thing up this week, just give me a few days!