Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello dear bloggy, I have missed you!

Alternately titled "Potty Training Hell and Other Stuff"

Since this blog is supposed to record our normal every day happenings, I have about 9 posts I am hoping to write this afternoon if a little person cooperates and takes a nap. I have to get caught up! Chickie only naps every couple days, maybe 2 or 3 times a week now. It frees up our schedule but at the same time the "witching hour" has taken on a whole new meaning. If she naps, even for only an hour, we are still fighting to get her to bed at 10 pm. If she doesn't nap, the hours between about 4 and 8 are brutal! Mommy's hair is turning gray at an alarming rate!

Today Chickie decided she wanted to wear big girl panties. I thought that since it was her idea, perhaps we would have more success than we have been having. I changed her out of a wet diaper, put her on the potty, where she went, and put her in some princess panties. Not even ten minutes later she had an accident. I told her it was okay, but let's try to keep the princesses dry and to tell me if she needs to go. I put her on the potty, cleaned her up and put on a fresh pair of panties. Five minutes later she came crying that the princesses were wet again. We then put on a third pair of panties and she has thus far kept them dry for an hour. I would actually be surprised if they ended up wet since she has told me every 2 minutes that she needs to go potty. Wanting to encourage her to tell me, I have taken her every time, and she has indeed peed a little every time. How to you explain to an almost three year old she needs to completely empty her bladder?
I even stopped giving the M&M rewards after the first 5 times. I told her now we are going to set the timer on my phone and she should try to hold it until the timer goes off. Is that wrong? I thought the idea of the child being potty trained as opposed to being mommy trained was that they realize when they have to go and listen to their body's cues as opposed to just "performing" on a schedule?!?!?! Any advice any one has would be GREATLY appreciated!

Okay, moving on to other topics...we had a lovely break with Matt home the week between Christmas and New Years. We kept it pretty low key, going to the gym, visiting with our families, just hanging out. It was awesome, but by Monday I was ready for our "regular" routine, which isn't all that structured, but just enough. However, it has been hard for me, the stay at home mommy, to get back to the routine, so I can only imagine how hard it is for those with school aged children (or my dear hubby!) to get back in the swing of things. To top it off, Lily and I, and Matt a little too, all seem to have colds. Which is pretty much par for the course, because every time I get back into going to the gym, which I so desperately need, I get sick. Blah!

Alright, this post is a little bit all over the place, but then again, so is my brain! I hope to get caught up this afternoon on the holidays and such!

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