Friday, December 3, 2010

The Grocery Store

The grocery store.

It isn't necessarily my favorite place, but I don't really mind it, even with Chickie in tow. In fact, I kind of miss my shopping partner on the very rare occasion that I go alone. Of course, if I happen to have a Chickie who hasn't napped, well that is a whole different story. And that is exactly what I had today...a no napping Chickie, combined with a crazy busy grocery. I think perhaps people are afraid of the big snow coming. **Big snow = about 6 inches forecasted = not really all that strange for this part of the country this time of year. Except that people freak out. Hello folks, it snows in Chicago every.single.winter!**

Anyway, I needed to run and pick up a few things. I am making chili tomorrow. We needed stuff for breakfasts and lunches over the weekend. We needed diapers. You know, not a major grocery shopping, but more than just run in, grab item, run out. I really enjoy people watching at the grocery store. And I am somewhat amused to how some people react to my interactions with my child. Today I was not disappointed.

First there was the little old couple that seemed to have the same path mapped out as I. They stood blocking the butter, debating the virtues of salted butter as opposed to unsalted. Then they stood in front of the beans, deciding between black and pinto. I was starting to get frustrated, but I then thought how that could be Matt and I in 50 years and I suddenly thought this little elderly couple that were thwarting my every move were actually rather cute.

A 40 something woman remarked that I shouldn't be giving my child coffee as I shared my Starbucks hot chocolate with Lily. No kidding lady, thanks for the tip. When I pointed out it was hot chocolate, she changed her tune and thought is was so sweet that we shared our winter treat.

Then there was the mom in the baby aisle that gave me a knowing look when I told Lily "Now this is the last box of diapers I want to buy!"

There was the guy in the frozen foods aisle filling his cart with about 20 frozen pizzas. He also had lots of chips and soda in the cart. I wonder if he just likes junk food. Or maybe he is having a party. If the latter, I certainly hope he showers.

Several people gave me strange little smiles as Lily and I sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" a little loudly through the cereal aisle.

And then there was the lady behind us in the check out line. Now I admit, by this point Lily was getting a little restless. She was squirming and twisting in her seat. The buckle on her seat was broken and I hadn't bothered to switch carts. I know, bad mommy. Anyway, she was squirming and twisting and I told her to be careful, she didn't want to fall out and get hurt. And then lady behind us took it upon herself to tell Lily that she could die if she fell out, or end up retarded. First off, nice lady! Secondly, I really don't need you teaching my child a word that is offensive. Now I realize that both are possibilities, but you know when someone is saying something like that to a child, they are really talking to the parent. And perhaps not having Lily buckled in wasn't the best mommy move ever, but to make remarks like that to Lily was totally unnecessary. Not to mention the tone which the comments were made was very rude. Even if Lily didn't comprehend what the cranky lady was saying, she understood the tone. Some people!

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