Friday, September 17, 2010

A Perfectly Stinky Afternoon

Lily was in quite a mood when she woke up from her nap today. She had been making noise for a bit, but every time I went in to check on her, she was still asleep. Finally, though, I decided she needed to get up. I have been trying to limit her naps in an attempt to get her in bed before 10 pm. We had a big morning today, she went down a half hour later than normal, and I was relaxing and reading a book, but at 4:30 I just needed to get her up. She wasn't all that happy about it. Her hair was all over her face, sweat gluing it to her forehead and cheeks. She was yelling at me to go away. I picked her up and she started punching and hitting at me. I don't blame her really, I don't like to be woken up either. I held her and rocked her and rubbed her back. I asked her if she wanted me to sing her some songs. She wasn't having it. I carried Lily into the other room and sat down in the rocking chair. I started rubbing her back while she laid with her head on my chest. She started calming down as I talked gently to her. It was quiet and there was a gentle breeze coming in. This was bliss! My baby isn't so much of a cuddler anymore. She is busy with little girl with toys to play with, dances to do, dogs to chase and books to read. Sitting on my lap, rocking with me while I sing her songs doesn't usually fit into her schedule.
And then, all of a sudden, she relaxed completely. Immediately my nose told me why. But you know what, my little stinker asked me to sing her a song. And then another. And another. All the while with her little head rested on my chest, me stroking her hair. I was happy to oblige her. I asked her if we could go change her diaper, and she said tomorrow. I decided to sing her "Tomorrow". I don't really know the words in the right order or anything, but she doesn't know that. When I finished she told me it was a beautiful song.
And that is why, for a half an hour this afternoon, with a stinky, sweaty little girl on my lap, I was in Heaven.

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