Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Guy is a Stud!

This is my Chickie

Coincidently, she is holding a toy chickie she received in her Easter basket.
Chickie loves books, which thrills me to no end because I prefer a good book to almost anything else any day of the week.
But Chickie has tons and tons of books, which had overtaken her allotted space on our book shelves in the toy room. We looked high and low, but couldn't find anything that suited us. We found something close, at Ikea (I big puffy heart Ikea!) but it wasn't exactly right. We found something perfect at a boutique furniture store, but price nearly gave me a coronary. What to do, what to do? Why build one of course!
See, this is what I love about my husband. He can do anything! And if he can't actually do said thing, he learns how. It is really amazing, and really just incredible. He has so much more drive and sense of adventure than I do in this department!
The book shelves turned out ah-mazing! They exactly fit in the area we intended to put them, since they were built to specifications, and I think Matt really enjoyed working on them. Wait - I just asked him and he said "Yes." He's tired. He didn't elaborate.
Check them out:

Of course, the shelves haven't looked that neat since we brought them into her room ten days ago, but she beckons "C'mon mommy, lets go see my book shelves!" And then we proceed to read endless books. I love it!

Next up, Matt is considering building a bed for Lily. We are getting ready to move her into a big girl bed, but have yet to find a bed we like in our price range. Matt has scoured the internet and thinks he may have found just the plans for a bed we both really like. And after that, he might build me a bookcase for our family room to hold our DVDs. And other random stuff. My only requirements are that I can put a Pothos on top and let its tendrils hang down and that it has adequate space for my Moose-tivity come Christmas time! Matt's only requirement before embarking on his next endeavor is that it cool off so he isn't slaving away in our million degree garage like he was for Lily's shelves.(since we don't have a basement, the garage has become his workshop!)

And on a completely unrelated note:

Lil found my "swimming glasses" and decided they would enhance her cartoon viewing. Note the zillions of mosquito bites on her legs. I am sooo longing for a good hard frost. And then back to the 60s. Summer and I don't get along!

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