Monday, August 23, 2010

My Day (Alternately Titled Holy Crap She Remembers She Has a Blog!)

My day has gone a little something like this:

Get up about 9. Don't be jealous. I get up when the kid does. And she only sleeps until 9 because at 11 pm she is still talking her pretty little head off in her crib. Which is a direct result of a long and late nap, which is a direct result of getting up late, which is a result you see where I am going here? I may get to sleep in, but I don't really get those blissful "after bed time" hours.

In an attempt to kick this black plague of death hellish cold I have had, I decide on smoothies for breakfast. Smoothies are easy to make. Unless you have my piece of crap blender which hardly works, but does still work enough that I have a hard time justifying buying a new one. Plus I want a Blendtec, which costs about $450. I kid you not. It is one expensive little gadget, but from what I hear and read, sooo worth it. I consider venturing to Bed, Bath and Beyond in search of a new, working but not so pricey blender, but realize I don't have a 20% off coupon. Also, the old one still works, kinda. And I would have to get dressed, so...

While attempting to make my smoothie, I get my Monday morning phone call from my BFF Jen. It is a happy phone call. We chat a while and I realize that I really look forward to my Monday morning phone calls from Jen and they are pretty routine. We make plans to hopefully meet up later in the week, which I really need. Because a girl needs her BFF! While talking to Jen and also making breakfast, I think to myself that my bestie has likely already been to the gym, showered, feed all 4 kids breakfast, sent two off to school and saved some puppies. She is superwoman and I love her. Except when talking to her reminds me how lazy I am.

Laundry. Really not much to say. I seperated it, threw in the sheets, followed by towels, lights and whites together because I didn't have many, darks, and then Lily's laundry. It is folded and put away, except for the sheets that will hopefully make it on the bed before we go to bed. No promises here. I do them as my first load so they have the best possible chance of being put back on the bed, but often we sleep on the mattress pad. Gross? Maybe, but whatev.

I read Chickie about 45 million books. Since putting her new bookshelf in her room last week (more about that later!) she has totally gone crazy with her already admirable love of books. However, Mommy has a wicked cold which has recently included nasal participation so talking and reading out loud leaves something to be desired. None the less, we read 45 million books. Or more like 10 million books, with each being read multiple times.

Lunch. Pineapple, left over Chipolte burrito bowl and cheese quesidilla. We split the burrito bowl and quesidilla. Chickie hardly ate anything but I rewarded her with the remaining half of her treat from the other day...a chocolate covered graham cracker. I am so winning on this motherhood thing. I should mention lunch was about 12:45.

1:30 and nap time. For the 4th day in a row Lily was actually asking to take a nap. I put her down, switched around some laundry and watched Whale Wars (!) from last week. Gotta love the DVR. I also surfed the internet a bit, folded some laundry, and then watched some Law and Order. Eventually I decided I should get Chickie up (somewhere around 4:15) so maybe she will go to sleep before the Daily Show so I can watch John Stewart grill Blago in peace. Somewhere in there I considered calling a friend just to chat, but decided against bugging her. I have since talked to her, but she called me :) (and totally was not bugging me!)

Send my sister a text because I think today is her first day teaching at her new school. But since I am an asshat, I can't actually remember. I figure 4:15 is probably an acceptable time, because surely she is out of school by now...

That brings us to about now. I look down and realize both Chickie and I are still in our pajamas. Matt should be home soon, but hopefully doesn't forgo his warning phone call. On most days he calls to tell me his leaving work. I tell him to do this so I can start dinner if necessary. Really though, I know I have a half hour to make it look like we had a productive day. And to gauge his mood. But don't tell him. Anyway, still no warning phone call, but I should get us dressed, and vacuum, and possibly put the sheets on the bed. Oh yeah, and maybe start on dinner, though we are grilling pork chops, and that is his domain. And Chickie is begging me to read her The Very Hungry Caterpillar one.more.time!

And that, my friends, is my day.


Jen B. said...

Yesterday I saved Kangaroos, in Australia. Tsk Tsk. Get it right! haha! xoxo

Kelly said...

Sounds pretty familiar! I usually quickly make the bed before Brad gets home to show that I at least did something domestic for the day!