Thursday, August 26, 2010


After coughing, coughing and more coughing for the past two weeks, I finally decided this little cold of mine wasn't going away. Hi-ho, hi-ho off to the doc I go. Turns out, my sore throat, horrible cough, stuffy nose and plugged ears aren't a mere cold. Nope. Acute bronchitis with bronchospasm. *Awesome* One antibiotic, inhaler, and blissfully wonderful script for a cough suppressant with codeine, and I figure I should be a model of health in no time! I am very excited about the cough syrup because I haven't slept decently in two weeks. I am pretty sure Matt is excited as well, because when I am hacking up a lung or two all.night.long, I doubt he is getting much rest, though he hasn't complained! The doc did offer a script for a muscle relaxer for my aching torso (from coughing) but I declined...I do have a two year old to look after!

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