Monday, July 19, 2010

Conversations with My 2 Year Old

If you have a two year old in your life, this post may seem familiar. The things that comes out of Chickie's mouth keep me on my toes, make me smile, make me laugh, occasionally make me blush, sometimes make me want to bang my head against a wall, and never cease to amaze me.

Recent examples:

Last night at dinner, with a full plate of food in front of her (all which she has eaten and enjoyed many, many times!):
Lily: Umm, I need a snack.
Me: You have a full plate of food right in front of you. Try the chicken in some dip-dip, it's yummy.
Lily: No, I think I need a snack.
Me: You need to eat your dinner.
Lily: Umm, I think I will just watch cartoons.
Me: looks at Matt and smacks own head as child climbs down from table

About 10 pm last night.
Lily (over the monitor): Momeeeeeeee
Me (going into her room): What's wrong baby, why aren't you sleeping?
Lily (fake crying): I want to go in the pool.
Me: It is sleeping time now, we can't go in the pool. Besides, it is dark out and we wouldn't be able to see. We can go in the pool tomorrow, if it isn't raining. We will go do errands, eat lunch, and go in the pool.
Lily: And have a snack too.
Me: If you eat a good breakfast and lunch, we can maybe have a snack.
Lily: And go in the pool.
Me: Yup.
Lily: And have a snack.
Me: You have a two track mind. Go to sleep, I love you.

Today at the grocery store, passing a woman in a full on burqa, face covered and all:
Lily (pointing, of course): What's that?
Me: It is a woman grocery shopping, just like us. (and hurrying out of the aisle!)
At least she didn't ask what that smell was, because this woman was, umm, fragrant!

Today, once home from the grocery store. I am trying to unload the groceries.
Me: Lily, please watch some cartoons while I unload the groceries. Then we will have lunch and can go in the pool.
Lily (after having been re-directed into the other room at least ten times): Mommy, why are you mad?
Me: I am not mad hun, I am just a little frustrated that you aren't being a good listener.
Lily: But why are you mad?
Me: I am not mad, but please try to be a good listener.
Lily: But why are you mad mommy?
Lily (a couple minutes later, after the above has been repeated no fewer than 8 million times): It's okay mommy, we are both sorry.
Me: Okay. Wait, wha? (bangs head repeatedly against wall)

Five minutes after lunch is done.
Lily: Umm, I need a snack.
Me: No (walks away....)

This is just a sampling of the last 24 hours.

I think I need some Advil.

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