Monday, December 7, 2009

This One!

This one...she has my heart. And my sanity. I haven't being doing what I set out to do with this blog lately. I intended to chronicle every little thing Chickie did, but, um, toddlers do A LOT!!! I thought I would compose a random list of recent Chickie-isms:

- Everything is "look mommy _______". As in "look mommy, cheerios!" "look mommy, shoes" "look mommy, lights (whenever we are driving when it is dark, she points out the houses decorated" "look mommy, knowing (snowing)!" The last two are my personal favorites.
- We have a lot of geese in our area. When they are flying overhead and making a racket (which I actually don't mind), Chickie will cock her head to the side and listen and yell "Geese!"
- Chickie loves to dance. Any time there is music she starts shaking her arms and bouncing. Adorable!
- She is a big fan of bringing me her water cup and telling me it is empty. It almost never is. When it is actually empty she usually comes up to me and says "a more water pease." Any time she wants more of something, it is always "a more."
- She has a froggy humidifier in her room. When it is on, and heaven forbid we try to put her to bed without turning it on, froggy is working. "Look mommy, fwoggy working!"
- If I scold her for something, she turns those big blues on me and reaches her arms up, saying "hugs!"
- She has quickly learned that while I may not always come into her room when I put her to bed and she won't go to sleep, if I hear her little voice requesting water, I will come and bring her a drink. I tell ya, she has me (well, us!) wrapped around her adorable little finger!
- When she wants to, Chickie can count to seven. Well, actually nine, but she skips eight. And then adds thirteen to the end. And she is pretty good at her ABCs, though she misses a few letters. She usually replaces those with numbers.
- She can sing the "Wonder Pets" song. She definitely watches too much TV. But see the above, she is smart so I am kinda okay with it...but I wish she watched less, but sometimes I need to get something done without her right next to me (um, shower anyone!)
- When asked, she will tell you what any animal says.
- Sometimes she gets up really early, and there is no way I am getting up that early (think, 5ish), so I go into her room and say "Shh, still night night time." Now when I walk into her room she will put her finger to her lips and say "shhh! sleeping" and lay back down and usually sleep for a while more.
- When we tuck her in at night, she always says "night night luv you." Melts my heart!
- And no matter how trying a day it has been and no matter how much I have been looking forward to bed time, I always miss the little stinker once she is down!

She has been so much fun lately. She is really playing with her toys now, which is cute. Her favorite right now is the Baby Jesus from this craft we did at MOPS - nativity blocks. She carries Baby Jesus around and kisses him good night.

I will try to be better about updating. There will probably be at least another installment of this post because I am most definitely forgetting things. Like my coffee...Chickie is very respectful of my coffee. When she sees me with a mug, she says "Mommy's coffee." She knows not to mess with mommmy when she is getting her coffee!

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Anna said...

This is my favorite post yet. I can't wait to come home and see you guys!