Saturday, October 17, 2009


It is Saturday night. Hubby is out with "the boys" and Chickie is in bed. I am doing laundry and blogging. I also have six different games of Scrabble going on on my iPhone. (Side note: Words with Friends = best iPhone app ever!) I wonder why my husband calls me an old lady sometimes - hmmm, gonna have to think about that one. But I digress. Just thought I would update a little. You know, because that is why I started this blog in the first update those who care on our happenings. Hence the name, but I digress, yet again.
Chickie seems to be 99% better. She still has a little cough and a bit of a runny nose, but I am preparing myself for the likelihood that they will be constant for the next 5 months. Or at least the runny nose will be constant. She is pretty much back to her old self. We have had some sleeping issues that I am working to get back on track. Naps are getting a little longer, but bedtime is still a fight. Yesterday we went out to lunch. Lily dozed off in the car on the way to Egg Harbor (love Egg Harbor!!). She remained asleep as I got her out of her car seat, carried her into the restaurant, sat down at the table. In fact, she slept through the entire lunch. Luckily the host had sat us at a booth so I was able to lay her down on the bench and enjoy my lunch. She is talking more and more each day and she even puts together short sentences, as in "Momma more cookie peas?!" Or "Momma cowor (color) peas?" Chickie has also graduated out of her high chair and now sits on a booster at the table with us.

And speaking of graduating, sort of, doesn't my almost 19 month old look like she is off to her first day of school?

Hubs was off work all last week. While our original intentions were to do all sorts of fun things, bad weather, Chickie still recuperating, and the bathroom remodel that taking longer than anticipated kept us mostly home, chilling. The bathroom was actually started last Sunday, and thank goodness it was! I am starting to thing that we are cursed when it comes to home improvement projects. Either that or it is just the nature of home improvement projects to take way longer than anticipated, have many things go wrong, and require numerous trips to not just one, but three home improvement stores. I would gladly not step foot into Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards ever again. Or at least not for a while. The bathroom is almost done. I would post pictures, but we are still without a floor (one of the things that went wrong!) and the bare concrete just doesn't give the room the look I was going for. And since we have no floor, we have no baseboards either. And the new towels are still in the dryer, so...But soon, I promise soon I will have pictures of my awesome new bathroom.
And I really have to give my love some props (BTW, Monday was our 6 year anniversary. We didn't do anything fun or get each other presents but will have a new bathroom to show for it!) Anyway, back to the props. He is one hard working, even keel, level headed handyman! When something went wrong, he just rolled with the punches, figured it out, ran to whichever store, came up with plan B, or adapted to the situation. So not me! I would have cried, cursed, punched, spit and generally did all manner of unproductive and likely counterproductive things. Maybe that is why we are a good pair. Could you imagine if we were both like me?!?!?
In addition to many long days spent working on the bathroom, Matt was also good enough to let me sleep in (on his vacation!) a couple days. Oh the joy! the restful slumber! the hair-dos I woke up to!
Case in point:

He gets an A for effort!

It was so nice having Matt home, even though my house was a disaster, Lily had limited play area due to everything from the bathroom plus the new things going into the bathroom being all over the house, and any semblance of a routine we had going right out the window. It will be hard with him going back to work on Monday, but it is time to get back to normal, whatever that is. It has been a rough past two weeks with Lily being sick and the house in shambles, so I am craving going to the gym, cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and all the other normal things I usually gripe about doing!