Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sick Chickie = Loooong Week

Chickie has been sick this past week. It started Tuesday night with a trip to the ER and the diagnosis of croup. They gave her a breathing treatment and oral steroids and told us if it started to get bad again to take her in a super steamy bathroom and then directly outside. Apparently this shocks the system and can settle down cough/bark. The only problem with that was 3 hours after we got home a water main burst outside our house and we were without water half the day Wednesday. Anyway, she was still barking Wednesday. Thursday I brought her in because the ped wanted to see if they wanted to do another breathing treatment. They decided they didn't and since she hasn't had a fever, they gave her a flu shot. She is still feeling a little punky. Most of the time she is fine, although her cough is now an equally alarming, though more normal sounding one, and her nose is constantly! And every now and then her eyes get really glassy and teary. Having a sick child sucks! She isn't sleeping well. She really only wants to nap if I am laying down with her. One the one hand that is okay by me because I am getting a three hour nap a day, on the other hand, my house is a pig sty and I am getting nothing done! Not to mention, now that she is feeling a little better, Chickie is bored! We can only watch so much PBS. We can only color so much. We have read every book - twice! Yesterday we brought her outside to run around for about 20 minutes. We figured she wasn't getting better inside, maybe she needed some fresh air. I am not sure if it did anything for her recovery, but it did both her and my spirits a world of good!

I go back and forth between which is worse...being holed up or Lily being sick. I honestly think she likes being holed up less...she doesn't seem to remember she is sick. I certainly think her being sick is worse, but she might disagree. I am still undecided as to whether or not I am going to stock up on groceries, toilet paper, and books and hide out until cold and flu season is over. Of course, Chickie would probably revolt. I am not that fun of a mom. Hopefully this is the worst bug she catches or it is going to be a looooong cold/flu season!

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Sheri (Green & Crunchy) said...

Oh, your poor little Chickie! How is she feeling now? I hope she's better and that you and hubby managed to avoid it :)

It's been going around here too -- my kids have been passing it around for WEEKS! It's been awful! No sooner do I get one kiddo healthy, then another one gets it. Bleh. I may follow your idea and stock up on food, books, and dvd's and hibernate all winter! I'd love to hibernate, sounds cozy actually :)

Keep well and hope that little doll is feeling good in no time. She is so adorable! Your header picture up top is just too cute!