Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's a cold and dreary day. Except, it isn't really that cold. It is like 50 or something, which is actually about the perfect temp. And it isn't really that dreary either. That must be my mood.

It should be a good day. Chickie slept in. I met a friend for some play time for the kids and gossip time for us. We then met another friend for lunch. The kids meal I thought was $4.99 turned out to be only $.99. Really, things are pretty good.

But Chickie has been crabby today, despite enough sleep. I found out someone we were in contact with over the weekend has the dreaded H1N1. And the news on the is enough to make anyone cry. I mean seriously! Is there ever any good news anymore? As if times weren't tough already, economically speaking, apparently petty crimes are at an all time high. Awesome. Add that to the list of things to worry about. I might get mugged in my driveway or my car may get broken into at the grocery store.

My house if full of leaves. Leaves that are brought in stuck to my husband's shoes, because my front yard is full of leaves. Lest you think we are too lazy to rake, our tree is just starting to shed it's leaves. It is a Silver Maple, which is possibly the ugliest, dirtiest tree in the world. Oh sure, I love having a mature tree. And I will take the ugliest, dirtiest one over none, but sheds helicopters all spring, so I am constantly picking little maple trees out of my garden. Every time the wind blows it showers our yard with little sticks. And in the fall - the time of year when trees really show their beauty - my tree holds onto it's leaves until the very end of October . They don't turn fiery red or brilliant orange. Nope, they sorta turn yellow and brown and fall. But as far as amazing fall colors go, they got nothing! And they retain their leaves well past the point when it is comfortable to be out raking. We will likely see a decent snow before it has shed all its leaves. Which means I will be mopping up salty, slushy puddles from my entrance way as well as picking up wayward leaves from my carpet.

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thediaperdiaries said...

My house is full of leaves too. They are gorgeous when they are outside....inside not so much.

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