Friday, October 30, 2009

I Won...Again!

One of the great things about following so many blogs is the giveaways! I follow about a million blogs, and on any given day at least one or two are having a giveaway. Sometimes it is for a book or a gift certificate. Sometimes it is something I totally want, other times, not so much. But I always enter, because who doesn't like free stuff. And apparently it has paid off...again. I won!
Of the many blogs I follow, The Diaper Diaries is one of my favorites. It is written by a mommy and loaded with funny stories, product reviews, and occasionally giveaways. Like I said, I always enter. This particular giveaway was for a aden & anais sleep sack. Before you get all excited, I am not expecting. But I plan on having at least one more baby, so I figured why not? I can start a little collection or whatever for all my baby needs. I chose this adorable little fishy sleeping sack. Isn't it the cutest?
I love entering giveaways because most of the time it doesn't take much more than entering a comment. Like a minute tops! And you can win all kinds of cool stuff! Yay for me!

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JBigs said...

How come you don't have giveaways on your blog?? I follow you?!?! Might I suggest a trip for 2 away somewhere? Maybe Hawaii?! LOL