Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dear Poor Neglected Little Blog:

I am so sorry I haven't been very attentive. You see, it was summer and we were out doing fun things. True, we did fun things that could have been blogged about, but doing is more fun than blogging. Sorry, but it is the truth. I hope you understand. Chickie is also full into toddlerhood and I can't stop laughing at her funny antics long enough to blog. I know what you are thinking - again perfect fodder for blog posts. You are right. And I have been up to my eyeballs in MOPS stuff. And since this is a family friendly blog, it is best I not share the expletives that run through my head after working on it. But I think we are good to go now. My stress level has come back down into only a moderately high range. It was off the charts two days ago. So I think I am back. Please forgive me for my neglect. I promise to try really hard not to let it happen again!


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