Friday, August 28, 2009

Potty Time

The other week (last week maybe? I don't remember?) I went to Target and bought Lily a little potty. I just wanted to have it in the bathroom for her to see and get used to. It doubles as a little step stool, which makes teeth brushing much easier. Anyway, she has been digging the potty, sitting on it fully clothed. I have sat her on it bare bummed a couple times, but she isn't really into that, usually jumping right up. Tonight, while getting her ready for bed, I thought I would put her on it, just to see what she did. What she did was sit on it bare bummed for a minute (accomplishment!) and then jump up and peed on the floor...and my pants leg.

Well, if she isn't getting the whole going potty on the potty thing yet, at least her little potty is a means of great amusement. The other day I went to let the dogs out before going to the gym. I called "Eli, Lucy, wanna go outside to go potty?" After letting them out, I rounded the corner to see Lily carrying her little potty down the hall. At least she knows what the potty is. That's a start, right?

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Anonymous said...

LOL sounds like a great start!