Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Sunday was Chickie's first trip to the beach. Despite the fact that I am still finding sand everywhere, it was an awesome trip. Thanks to Matt's boss who graciously invited us to spend the day at his beach house in Indiana. All I can say is wow! Lake Michigan looks like the ocean, but without the fear of being eaten by a shark. And okay, if you look up or down the lakeshore, you may see a nuclear power plant or a steel plant, but looking straight out is ah-mazing. The weather was a little on the cooler side (perfect by my standards, but the water didn't feel as refreshing!)but Lily had a blast. She didn't even mind the sand that had worked its way into every nook and cranny of her chubby little legs. And she seemed to think it tasted mighty fine as well. I am so going to be spending every weekend at the beach next summer! And I might just move there. Because I always forget how much I love the beach until I am sitting on it, staring out at a massive body of water. Makes me feel so small, yet so calm.

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Kelly said...

awwww! looks like a fun time! i, too, was more annoyed with the sand than Owen was when we were at the beach this summer. he loved it! looks like Lily had a blast!