Thursday, September 10, 2009

Am I Insane???

I just registered to do the Naperville Thanksgiving Day 5K Turkey Trot. 5K! That's 3.1 miles. To run. At least in theory. With just about two and a half months to train, I am fairly certain I won't be running the entire thing. But it gives me a goal to work for. Something to motivate me to go to the gym every day I am able and - here's the kicker - put maximum effort into my work out. I am actually pretty excited about it. The last and only other race I have ever run was the Brookfield Zoo Run Run when I was in sixth grade. I did it with my dad. I ran the whole thing. I was also in cross country at the time. Hopefully I won't die. I really like Thanksgiving dinner and would hate to miss it!


JBigs said...

You'll do great!! I'm proud of you for even signing up...I don't think I'd even get that far!

Sheri said...

Goo for you, Kelly! You can do it!

You did it in sixth grade,you can do it again :)

Cheering you on!