Monday, June 22, 2009

Thanks Aunt Laurie!

Everyday I trudge out to the mailbox to see what sort of bills and junk mail our friendly postal carrier has delivered. Everyday I wonder why so much junk mail? Why so many bills - well, actually I pay most of my bills online and get most of my bills via email, so there aren't really that many bills. But Friday...Friday was a nice surprise. In addition to the sale newspaper thingy that I get almost everyday (and am yet to figure out how NOT to get) and the little post card telling me I can be saved if I attend so and so church, there was a nice big envelope addressed to Miss Lily Groves. I handed the precious package to Miss Lily and she promptly ripped into it. She is good at ripping paper, you see! And what was in that delightful package you ask? Two sweet little hair bows from Aunt Laurie in Salt Lake City. Because as Aunt Laurie says "All pretty girls need pretty flowers in their hair for summer." Thanks Aunt Laurie! What a great surprise!

I guess you can't really see, but Baby was sporting the other adorable bow!

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