Monday, June 22, 2009

A Great Father's Day Weekend


This past weekend, Father's Day weekend, was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time! It was seriously so nice, relaxing, awesome, fun, awesome, cool, awesome, peaceful, awesome (do you get my point?) that I am still feeling great from it! As a side note, it was also one of those weekends that make Monday extra hard because Matt has to go back to work.'s the run down.

It all started Friday afternoon when I called Matt and said "Hey, the sun is shining, skip out early and come home and go in the pool with us." Matt was more than happy to oblige and came home a little early and just hung out with Lily and I in the pool. Of course, by the time he got home, it had clouded over a little, but that didn't stop us from enjoying some pool time.

Okay, by this point Chickie had had enough. But you see, I just can't resist taking pictures of an angry baby. Does that make me a bad mommy?

It could also be that the pool was still a bit cold. Once Daddy picked her up, all was right with the world.

She had a delightful time just playing with her guys and moving around the patio furniture while Matt and I caught up on the day and just relaxed.
But then the storm started to roll in.

We cleaned up outside, Chickie got a bath and some dinner, and was off to bed. Matt and I foraged for some leftovers since our grilling plans were shot and watched the wind threaten to carry away yet another of our gazebos. Thankfully this time it only threatened. After the fierce but brief storm subsided we went outside to survey the damage...the pool cover had come off and was in the middle of the pool and the gazebo needed to be repositioned. Oh, and a chair was blown over. Serious damage, as you can tell!

Eli and Lucy just don't get the same attention they used to.

Actually, the Chickie loves to love on Lucy. She would love on Eli as well, but as soon as Eli sees her coming, she skadaddles. How do you spell skadaddle?

Saturday brought more pool time. The pool was still a little cool in the morning, but by the afternoon when the cover had been off all day, it was perfect. Matt and I got a little sun while Lily was napping. We decided that tees were in order to keep from getting completely fried. A little late though, as Matt and I both are still red and sore. Chickie was safely lathered with sunscreen.

But you know what? It is much easier to just throw a swim diaper, long sleeve tee and hat on a squirmy toddler than try to load her up with sunscreen. I think this may be how we swim from now on. At least during peak sun hours. Side note: I am so excited for some cloth swim diapers to come this week. After using cloth for the past year, the disposable swim diapers are not being very kind to Chickie's tush.

I am a little boobtastic in some of these pics. Focus on the kid...she is the reason I am posting them!

These World War II bombers kept flying over all day Saturday and Sunday. Some of them were really low!
We finished off the day Saturday having some yummy fish tacos. The whole day was spent in and out of the pool, napping, doing some chores, swimming, eating and just enjoying being outside as a family. I hung a load of cloth diapers outside to dry in the sun and they look practically brand new. That sun...its magic!

Tired of reading yet? Well I haven't even gotten to Sunday afternoon! We went over to my parents and just hung out and ate some wonderful food. My mom is the best cook ever! My fam bought a little kiddie pool for Lily. I wasn't sure if she would be up for more water since it was overcast and a little cooler. I was wrong.

Though I brought her swim suit, we decided to just let her run around and play in her diaper.

My parents have the perfect deck for entertaining. It also makes a great background for pictures of an adorable tot!

Eventually the diaper became too wet and saggy and hung down to her knees.

So we took it off and let her run around nakey! She promptly squatted on the deck and peed. (she will thank me for the picture and story when she is older!)

With so many eager babysitters, my dad and I were able to play catch in the backyard - something we haven't done in at least 10, if not more, years. I'm a little sore today.

Check out that snazzy new grill and the feast on it! Tons of grilled veggies, chicken and lamb chops. With so many different grilled veggies, I even managed to stay on track with my diet this weekend.

Lily and Grandpa had a crawling race. My dad was acting like the big goof that he is and was crawling around the deck. Lily decided she needed to crawl around as well.

But the long weekend and lack of afternoon nap had finally taken it's toll on Lily. When I found her like this, I knew it was time to go home.


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