Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Camera

New camera. That is all I should need to say. I will, however, elaborate a little. We have been contemplating buying a DSLR for quite some time. We finally pulled the trigger and bought a Canon Rebel XS. Since Saturday afternoon when we brought it home, I have taken 958 pictures. The following are just a sampling. And if you don't hear from me for a while, I am probably learning how to use my new toy...I mean, my new camera.


Anonymous said...

yep, lovin' it! congrats on the new camera!!!! love the blurry backgrounds!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky lucky girl, with that fancy new toy -- are you loving it?

Your little one is too cute -- that little ponytail-tuft on the top of her head is just KILLING me! She's darling!

Kelly said...

Thanks Sheri!
I am definitely loving my new toy, but there is still a lot of learning to do. Just as is, it takes awesome pictures, but after spending sooo much on a camera, I feel like I need to know everything there is to get its full use.

I had to switch to the pony on Chickie because she won't sit still for pigtails. And she can seriously get away with anything when she smiles at me with her goofy smile and silly pony...especially if she is running around in just a diaper. I can't resist a baby in a cloth diaper!