Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Impromptu Photo Shoot

After our Bible study the other day, my friend, Rachel Coltharp, asked if she could take a couple pictures. She is starting a photography business and just wanted to take a couple shots of Lily. So we had an impromptu photo shoot. Had I known I was going to have my picture taken, I definitely would have worn make up and did my hair. But even with me all disheveled and looking like a total slob, how amazing are these pictures!?!?! Rachel did a wonderful job shooting Lily as she toddled around her kitchen. Just imagine what Rachel could do for a planned photo shoot. These pictures are by far the best pictures we have had taken of Lily - with the possible exception of this one:

So if you are in need of a photographer and are in the Aurora area, contact me (email or leave me a comment!) and I will put you in touch with Rachel. She is super talented, as you can plainly see, and the sweetest and funniest woman I know. And, the cherry on top...she is a fellow cloth diapering mama!

And Rachel...for our next photo shoot, I am thinking fall leaves and me actually made up...I can't wait!

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Kelly said...

too cute! love your new background too!