Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Brain is Taking a Break

I know I am not the best writer, although in my made-up little world in my head I am. That being said, I try to make my posts somewhat creative and thought out. I mean, c'mon, no matter how many adorable things Lily does, it gets boring reading them listed out like a grocery list: car seat forward facing, got water table, got Elmo chair, still cute as can be. See what I mean - not very exciting. In a nut shell, that has been the excitement of the past week. It has been a good week, but my brain is not yielding much creativity in expressing that to all the millions that sit on the edge of their seats waiting for a new post from me. Or maybe it is more like the few people that read this blog (see, more proof of my made up world!)

So here it is, a recap of the past week or so, as exciting as I can make it.

On Saturday we turned Lily's car seat to forward facing. She is 14 months old and over 20 pounds, so it is safe to do so. But honestly, if it were winter, or at least not as warm, I would have left her rear facing. It is much easier to get her in and out of her seat when she is rear facing, not to mention safer for her. However, since her car seat is in the middle of the back seat and there are no vents in the back of our car, any air flow hits the back of her car seat and it can get rather steamy back there. I do open the windows in the back, but I can only open them so much or she gets totally windblown. She seems to like looking around and out the windows. It is just another milestone - another sad reminder that my baby is growing up.

Sunday we had my parents and sisters over for a BBQ. The weather was gorgeous and we had a blast. I bought Lily a water table to play with outside and she loves it. She probably would play in it 24/7 if I let her. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been cooperating since that first lovely day, so hasn't been able to play in it since then. She just carries her little bucket with all her water guys around, happily chewing on her favorite one, the penguin.

And since I seem to be big on spoiling my child, I also bought her a little Elmo chair. It is just her size and she totally digs it.

As you can see, she already enjoys sitting in it, watching TV. Surely she is watching something educational and age appropriate and not the episode of Bones mommy was watching.

We have also pretty much full time given Lily the run of the house, or at least part of it. We have the kitchen and family room blocked off, and we close the bathroom door, but she is free to explore her room, our room, the play room and the front room/den/former living room. The dogs are pretty much shut in the other half of the house, where their water is. They act all oppressed, but give me a break. They spend the day laying on the couches as opposed to laying on our bed. Ironically, Lily's favorite place to play is right by the front door. Weird child.

She will also walk up to the door and stretch to try to reach the door nob, saying "bye bye". We think that she thinks "bye bye" means outside in general and that she wants to go outside.

Well, there you have it. A very unexciting post about what we have been doing lately. I should also mention that we spent the entire day Tuesday in our pajamas. Just because.

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