Monday, June 1, 2009

The Month of Me

Uh-huh, you read that right. It says the month of me. I am declaring June to be my month. Don't you just love the start of a new month? It is such a chance to start fresh. Am I the only one who thinks that? Anyway, back to the month of me. This month I am going to focus on me a little more. Do a couple more things for me. What things, you are asking? Well, allow me to elaborate:

1) Weight Watchers: Yup, joined up again, for the millionth time. I actually joined on Saturday, which was like May 30, but close enough to being June. I'm gonna do it this time...I hope. Nuff said. I don't think I need to elaborate on why this is for me.

2) No eating out this month. At least, not on our dime. We won't turn down the occasional invite from those who'd like to take us to dinner. And I won't turn down a cup of coffee if you are paying ;)! How is this doing something for me? Well, it is doing something for our finances, which is a stress lifted from my shoulders. Well, not entirely. I will still stress about finances...but this way I won't have to have that age old debate with myself "do I make something for dinner even though I don't feel like it or do we get take out even though it isn't really in the budget?" Decision made, move on. Not eating out will also hopefully encourage positive results on the scale every Saturday morning.

3) I am only going to read purposeful books this month. I love to read. I read a ton. This month, though, I am only going to read purposeful books. I just got a book about a topic I need to learn more about. I am going to read up on it. I am also going to read more devotional and inspirational materials. I have a stack of books that I have acquired but never get around to reading because I am always reading something frivolous. Sometimes I feel like my spiritual well needs to be filled up, and these should do the trick. Which leads me to ...

4) Explore my faith a little more. Which actually may be a little challenging. All I can say is I will let you know how this one goes. I am starting a bible study with a woman from my MOPS group. I think it will be quite enlightening and am really looking forward to it.

So there you have between Lily's swimming lessons and walks to the park and all the other "stuff" of life, I am going to actually work on me a little bit. I can't wait to see how it all goes!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Kelly!!! You are special and important so give yourself the time, you are worth the effort for sure Love, Mom

Kelly said...

a month for Kelly! great idea! i love all of these goals. i think you will really like the Bible study with the MOPS gals...i wish I could join you all, but it doesn't fit into my schedule right now. good luck with all of your goals...espeically the WW one. i should be standing there with you on Sat. mornings...i've let eating right fall to the wayside!! UGH!

Rachel Coltharp said...

Sweet Kelly,
So proud of you for taking time to invest in yourself. A better Kelly, rested, informed, unstressed, is a better Mama to Chickie and better wife to Honey Pie.

These moments are NOT merely spent... they are invested.