Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Rough Week

Lily has had a rough week this past week. On Wednesday she had what I can only assume was a 24 hour stomach bug. Actually, it was more like a 12 hour bug. It started with her not all that interested in her breakfast. Then we had a not so nice diaper. I am kinda dense though, so I didn't really think anything was wrong. Then we met some friends for lunch. She wasn't all that interested in her lunch, including some goldfish crackers, which normally she can eat her weight of. And then she...erupted...everywhere. In the restaurant. I am so thankful that the women I was out to lunch with also have young kids and therefore did not bat an eye when Lily puked all over. Since it was a beautiful day and we were in Naperville anyway, I wanted to go to the Riverwalk. I decided that since she seemed fine and happy, we would take a little walk, but skip the swings I had also planned. She was fine on the walk and fell asleep on the way home. I had to run into the library to pick up a couple books and she was chatting away, totally normal. Then, the minute I walk into the house, loaded down with the diaper bag, a bag with books, her lunch bag, my purse, and a bag from Target, as well as Lily in my arms, she lets loose again, all over herself, all over me...including down my shirt. I had vomit pooling in my bra. It was gross. I stripped us both right there and put Lily in the bath tub. After a bath and a nap, she seemed good as new. But just in case, I asked Matt to stop and get some Pedialyte on the way home. I thought I would just give her a light dinner. While feeding her applesauce, she once more was sick. I felt so bad for her, but she didn't seem to be all that bothered. She slept fine that night and was back to normal the next morning.
Thursday was another rough day. She fell and busted her lip. Then when I pulled her hair back in a barrette, I noticed a big black and blue bruise on her forehead. No idea when that happened.
Friday I discovered that she is getting her molars. She has one just barely pushed through and the others aren't far least I think. She has been a bit irritable all weekend. She never had any problems with her other teeth, but I have always heard that molars are the worst. She has just been a bit more whiny and clingy, and she wakes up at night crying, but not her "Hey, I want to get up and play!" cry. It is more like "Mommy, I don't feel good!" It just breaks my heart! Hopefully the teeth will come in quickly and all will be well again!

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