Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was Lily's first Easter. She was supposed to be here for Easter last year - she was due the day before - but she had other ideas. Our Easter celebration actually started last night. Matt had to catch a flight this afternoon to Wyoming (for work...he is really not happy about it!) so we had our Easter dinner with his family last night. Ham, cheesy potatoes, aspargus, rolls and salad. It was quite a yummy feast. Lily had everything but the salad. She has never had the cheesy potatoes before, but as soon as I put some on her plate to cool before transferring them to her high chair tray, she started squirming and pointing and signing more. As a side note, I think teaching her to sign "more" is starting to bite me in the rear. She thinks it means I want and if she does it we will give her whatever she wants. She gets really mad if we don't immediately give her what she is pointing at. She does this in the store, when we are eating, pretty much everywhere. Anyway, she devoured probably an adult size meal. This morning we got up and Lily found the plastic eggs the Easter Bunny had hid in her play room, and then her Easter basket. The Easter bunny sure did spoil her! She got an adorable diaper with daisies on it, some hair accessories, a book, a DVD, some baby legs, some animal crackers, a swim suit, some sun glasses, and a board book of bible stories for kids. Normally she wouldn't be so spoiled, but I kept finding cute things and deciding they would be her Easter present. And the DVD, Wall-E, is probably more for me and Matt. But we are saying it is for her. We got ready and went to a beautiful church service. Unfortunately it was pretty much at nap time, so Lily was quite squirmy. I stood at the back of church with her for most of the service, which was actually kind of nice because I was near the open window and it was very warm in the church. We then headed over to Matt's parent's for a quick bite to eat and then Matt had to leave for the airport. Lily and I took a nice walk with Great Aunt Laurie and then headed home ourselves. The rest of the afternoon has been pretty low key. Lily is in her playroom right now, practicing standing up in the middle of the room. I think once she has that down, she will be walking all over. She can walk across the room if she wants to, but still chooses to mostly crawl. I think once she can stand up anywhere, as opposed to having to pull herself up, she will be more inclined to walk.

Crashed out after was a brief nap.

Lily in her adorable Easter dress...I really tried to get a better picture, but you may have read my previous post about my stupid camera.

Lily with Daddy...she was looking when I started taking the picture...again, stupid camera!

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Rae said...

Sounds like a fun Easter. Your daughter sounds (and looks) really cute. My parents didn't teach me to sign (I don't think it really became common until a few years ago, right?) but I know that I would have been signing for more potatoes as well!