Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Much Going On

I haven't posted in a bit. There is no real reason, other than not much has been going on. Matt was out of town last week, which made it a very long week. There were shenanigans with his flight home, which just makes it par for the course as far as his travels seem to go. Lily is really walking all over the place now, though I hesitate to say she is actually walking. If she falls, she is just as - if not more - likely to crawl to her destination. She still can't stand up in the middle of the room and needs to pull herself up on something. I think that is the only thing keeping her from running all over the place. She has her two bottom molars. I was really hoping all four would come in at the same time since they seemed to cause her some trouble, but alas, the top two haven't broken through yet. And I am officially done nursing. She wasn't nursing much as it was, so it was actually very easy to completely wean her, both for her and me physically. We have taken a lot of walks lately. Basically if it is above 50 and sunny, or even warmer and not so sunny, we will take at least one walk. Last Thursday we took two! We went to the arboretum on Friday to see the daffodils. Surprisingly, very few had bloomed. Saturday we went to the zoo for a short time. It was silly busy. I am very happy we bought a membership. We can go for a couple hours and then not feel like we have to stay if it is too crowded, or if the weather turns icky. I had a nice night out on Saturday with some girls I used to work with. Sunday we bought a new washing machine and dryer. I am sooooo excited. I am sure that am officially a nerd (as if anyone ever doubted I was!) because I am so excited. But when you do ten loads of laundry a week, more efficient machines are needed. While we need the dryer more than the washing machine, I am more excited for the washer. It is a front loading, high efficiency machine. I can set it to pre-wash and extra rinse, which will make washing diapers just that much easier. I won't have to remember to go in an set another rinse, etc, because I can program all that when I throw the load in. They could have delivered them on Monday, but Matt wants to be home when they deliver them, which means they won't be here until Saturday. Boo! Other than that, nothing too exciting has been happening. My life can pretty much be summed up these days by taking walks and reading books. It seems that I have spawned a little book worm, which doesn't surprise me in the least! And cleaning the kitchen. I swear I do that at least five times a day!

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