Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Wardrobe Needs Help!!

I am majorly in need of a visit from Stacy and Clinton...you know, from TLC's "What Not to Wear". I went to the zoo yesterday wearing the same pair of jeans I was wearing when I got engaged - six and a half years ago! I own a t-shirt from my high school swimming days. It proudly states "Cary-Grove Swimming 1995". I still wear this shirt, 14 years later. Granted I wear it under a sweatshirt, since it is pit stained beyond help, but still. The sweat shirt I am wearing over it is likely as old. In fact, I have two Gap sweatshirts that are being retired from my "acceptable to wear in public" wardrobe. That is, acceptable by my standards. One is so holey it is a miracle it is still together. The other, one of my favorites, was puked on by a very cute little girl and is now stained (beyond my level of acceptable). I remember wearing that sweatshirt the day I met Matt...over ten years ago. My clothes are old! My clothes are all stained. My clothes are not flattering, don't fit right and probably make me look like a homeless person. Even my outfits, and I use the term loosely, that I think are my best outfits probably make people on the street think that I just threw something on. I have no fashion sense. And while I don't totally care how I look, I need to branch out from my uniform of tennis shoes, jeans, and one of my gray sweatshirts. My daily decision is hooded or not. Every once in a while I throw in either my navy Eastern sweatshirt or my Cubs blue Cubs sweatshirt to spice things up. Since spring may be on its way (and I am not taking today's projected high of 74 as proof) I will need to purchase some decent looking summer clothes. I don't really do shorts because of my super duper thunder thighs, but I may look for some longer shorts...like just above the knee. I think these are called walking shorts? Or maybe a couple super casual skirts that hit just below the knee. I love the casual look of a skirt and nice fitted t-shirt and maybe some flip-flops. Is that a style? When I see it on other people, it says put together but not pretentious. Am I wrong? Of course, I don't really have any money for shopping. I have a $25 gift card to Kohls. That might get me an outfit, if there is a sale (but really, at Kohls, there is usually a sale.) Old Navy is usually reasonable and has cute stuff. I mean, most people probably don't notice me much anyway since I am usually toting an adorable tot. And she could be dressed in a potato sack and people would still probably gush all over her. But none the less, I need to go shopping. Anyone want to help? Matt offers some opinions, but I can only take his advice to a point. He wears a polo shirt (usually striped) and jeans everyday.


Stephanie said...

The casual skirt and a tank or fitted t-shirt with flip flops is the way to go. You can dress that up or down, and is soo comfortable! It's what I live in during the Spring/Summer months! (Although, do I have any place to be giving fashion advice? You tell me.)

Anna said...

We went to Old Navy today we should have brought you with us! And you're always cute when we see you don't worry. Who cares if you wear jeans and a sweatshirt in the house... who doesn't?