Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My darling daughter doesn't like milk! I am shocked and appalled (anyone remember Mrs. Chapman, 7th grade?). I am amazed and dismayed. I LOVE milk. My sister Steph and I could together probably finish a gallon in one sitting. Lily, however, doesn't want anything to do with it. Perhaps I should back up. Some of you may be saying she isn't a year yet, why are you giving her milk? I will tell you why...Lily doesn't have much interest in nursing anymore. Maybe a couple minutes before bed, a good nursing first thing in the morning, but other than that, no interest. Well, she needs more milk than just that. But I wasn't about to buy formula for a couple weeks. I called her pediatrician to ask if I could go ahead and switch her to whole milk a little early. I explained the situation and they just wanted to be sure she didn't have a dairy allergy. I told them how, if it was left up to her, she would eat nothing but cheese, and she has had yogurt, cottage cheese, and of course all the cheese I will give her, with no ill effects. She doesn't have a dairy allergy. They said go ahead, about 16 ounces a day. This was last Thursday. Friday I got a half gallon of organic whole milk (at home we only drink organic milk). We got home from the store and I poured her a cup, set her in her high chair, and expected her to gulp it down. Not quite. She took a sip, made an awful face, and threw the cup. WHAT!!! Not at all the reaction I was expecting. It never occurred to me that she wouldn't like milk. I mean, what the heck! I have tried repeatedly and haven't given up yet. Pretty much every friend that I have asked have admitted that their children also didn't like milk initially. So we keep trying, every time she is in the high chair. I even figured maybe I could sneak it into her oatmeal in the morning, but she is hip to that. This morning she actually ate most of her oatmeal. Not so much Sunday morning or yesterday morning. I had to also add applesauce to the oatmeal the past couple days to get her to take it. Since last Friday, she has probably ingested about 10 ounces of milk. The rest of that $4 half gallon of organic milk has quite literally gone down the drain. I haven't given up...I am sure she will like it eventually...right?

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