Saturday, February 21, 2009


I have been a bad mommy lately because I haven't posted anything or taken any pictures. Which is not to say things haven't been happening. I absolutely love this stage/age because Lily literally does something new every single day. I am constantly amazed how fast she learns! So here is a list of the new things she has been doing lately (at least I don't think I have mentioned them before):
  • she signs "more". we have been working on some baby signs, but so far this is the only one she really has down. i have been trying to teach her "milk" and "all done", but lily never really has an all done...she will eat as long as i put food in front of her!
  • she waves and says "bye-bye". however, her hand is turned towards herself when she waves. it is the cutest thing.
  • she has mastered "uh-oh" and throws things just to say it.
  • she has discovered how to turn the tv off.
  • she gleefully yells out "daddy" when matt walks in the door from work.
  • and just this evening, she was standing, holding my knee and she let go and stood on her own for about five seconds.
I am sure there are other new things, but I am kind of sleepy, so these are all that come to mind. Why am I kinda sleepy, you ask? Because of all the new things Lily has been doing, sleeping through the night is still not one of them. Sigh.

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