Monday, March 2, 2009

Nap Time

Isn't Lily cute? Of course, she is a little (just a little) less cute when you have been trying to put her down for a nap for an hour. Which is the case most afternoons. She just doesn't like napping. Or sleeping in general. Still. Sometimes she is deceptively quiet, so when I check on her, she is waiting, standing by the end of her crib, watching the door. When I ever so slowly open it, Surprise! There she is, smiling at me. What was she doing instead of napping.
Take a look:
She decided to throw everything from her crib onto the floor. Pretty typical. If I was a smart mommy I would learn not to put anything in her crib and maybe she would go to sleep faster if there was no re-arranging to do. As you can see, there are several stuffed animals, her baby, a couple pacifiers, and her socks, which she pulled off her feet. I also found a nice little pile up vomit in the crib, but decided not to photograph that. Of course, she didn't seem sick. She still pukes a lot. More so lately. But she is always happy, so the doctors call her a happy spitter. I kinda thought that would be over by now.
It's hard to get mad at her though. She is just so dang cute. Doesn't the wall look bare? There was a cute little wall hanging that is part of a series of three. There are these little stuffed pillow thingies. She figured out how to get one off though. And then destroy the hanging apparatus.
She did humor me and smile for the camera. The little angel is now asleep, on clean sheets. We need to lower her crib. As I look at this picture, I am noticing she could get out if she wanted. You would think I would learn that when she naps, I should be getting caught up on some chores and not blogging. There is a learning curve with parenting. Some days I don't even think I make it on the curve. Today could be one of them. Sigh.


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Ah yes, the learning curve...I think that's why people tell you to save for therapy as opposed to college for your oldest child. hah!