Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Happened to My Baby?

What happened to my baby? She is about to turn 10 months old (tomorrow) and she is just growing up so fast. Lily had a really big week this past week. In fact, most of it happened yesterday.
For starters, she crawls now. It just happened yesterday. Well, I should say I witnessed it for the first time yesterday. I had suspected for the past couple days that she might be crawling, but never actually saw her doing it. Then, yesterday afternoon I looked over and she was crawling. I wasn't sure if it would technically be considered a crawl, so when my sister came over, I had her confirm it. Sure enough...she crawls. It isn't the fastest crawl, nor the most elegant, but it is her new preferred mode of transportation. However, if she is tired, she does go back to rolling or army crawling.
She is also really good at pulling herself up on any and everything. But more importantly, she is cruising. Up until a couple days ago, she would pull herself up, but then her legs were firmly planted and she wouldn't budge her foot even an inch. The other day she was in her crib playing and I was putting away laundry. One minute she was standing at one end of her crib, and two seconds later she was at the other end. So again I suspected she was cruising, but had never actually witnessed it. She hasn't really had much opportunity to learn to cruise because the play room and living room/computer room, which are her normal play areas, don't have any couches or much for her to hold onto to cruise around. On a whim this morning I put her up behind her push walker thingy, and sure enough she took a couple steps. She also walks all around her little music play table. She loves that thing and will just make it play music and wiggle her little bottom. She loves music.
Lily continues to be a good eater. She prefers to feed herself now, so finger foods it is! She ate half a large banana this morning for breakfast. Previously, Lily didn't seem to care for bananas all that much, but I guess when she can feed herself, it is a different story. She also likes chicken, cooked carrots, and pasta. She continues to dislike peas, but I don't really blame her. Her all time favorite thing to eat is cheese. She practically climbs out of the high chair when she sees us bring the cheese out. And after every bite she says "mmmm!" The pups are loving the fact that she feeds herself now because they get all the food that misses her mouth.
And every time I get her out of bed, I swear she has a little more hair!

Lily is also getting pretty good at waving and clapping, and occasionally gives kisses. Open mouth kisses, but kisses none the less. She really likes to imitate mommy. If I take her stuffed animal and hug it and stroke it's back and then hand it to her, she will do the same thing. She also has two toys that have little phones. She will take the phone and put it up to her ear and "talk." She also does this anytime she gets her hands on a cell phone.

But along with all her new developments come new challenges. I found myself saying "no" constantly yesterday. She likes to get into any cords she can and is definitely pushing her boundaries. She also has started to whine a little. She will cry for something that she can get herself, and start laughing when I come over to help her. She is pretty manipulative, but I play right into her hands almost every time.

I am just amazed at how fast the past ten months have gone by. I am also amazed how fast she went from rolling to crawling and cruising. Literally a few days! We definitely need to step up our baby proofing.


Anna said...

Oh my goodness! I'll have to come visit before she changes too much. :)

Stephanie said...

I loved spending time with my little Lily last night! She was a blast...and has such a little personality now. She ever gave me a few kisses!!! So excited I was there to see her crawl, and to walk around her music table!