Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Dang Cute

She is so dang cute. And despite the fact that she allowed me possibly the worst night sleep since the evening she was so unceremoniously plucked from my abdomen many moons ago, she continues to melt my heart every minute. She has pretty much perfected crawling and does this adorable little shimmy across the floor with her booty dancing as she moves. As I type this, she has found a pair of my gloves and has one gripped in each little hand, crawling all over the place just as proud as can be. She also almost completely refuses to be fed anymore. Finger foods...more importantly, pretty much all she wants, though she will eat about anything put in front of her. Along with her new found skills comes attitude. Since she is my kid, I should rather be surprised it has taken this long for it to show up. When I tried to feed her some green beans, she obliged me whilst giving me a look that pretty much told me on no uncertain terms where that spoon belongs. But I am loving her new mobility. Nothing beats the look on my little angel's face as she wiggles and giggles across the room.

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