Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i have two babies today, which means i need to spend the day keeping my charge from beating up chickie. a more stressful day for sure, but also some much needed dinero in my pocket.

babu was up a lot last night again. she had been doing good only getting up once a night for over a week, but we are back to before. but my body is already used to only getting up once, so i am extra tired.

i have something to pick up from the library. i don't usually go peruse the stacks, just reserve books online. it is always a surprise what i am going to get.

speaking of books, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, which i just finished reading and The Omnivore's Dilemma, which i am currently reading (both by Michael Pollan) have pretty much convinced me that i should live on a farm and grow all my own food

matt got home from his class early last night. not early enough for me to make it to the pool for a swim, but early enough for me to get in a yoga video. i am achy in places i didn't know i had.

i am dreaming of a bike stroller and really wanting to go for a bike ride. isn't it spring yet?

i have some home-made chicken soup defrosting on the counter for dinner. the soup paired with a salad and some biscuits make a fairly healthy meal with almost zero effort.

i feel refreshed and inspired after watching 10 hours of inaugural coverage yesterday. except that poem. what the f? but i did feel a little like i was watching a wedding reception watching The Neighborhood Ball. a very posh reception, but the whole first dance thing...

after watching non-stop inaugural coverage, i kinda want to be a politician. or maybe just visit dc to see the sights.

Lost, after a too long hiatus, is back on tonight. i need my fix of shirtless sawyer to get through the week. and after trying to follow the twists of Big Love, i need a show with a simple plot (wink)

i kinda can't believe i just did the wink thing. i'm lame.

and now i should get back to the babies who are playing somewhat nicely together...and this is what you get when i am bugged to post but have nothing interesting to say


Stephanie said...

I love your rambling!

JBigs said...

Me too. Wink!!