Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nothing really interesting has happened lately, so here is what is going on today:
- I am watching the inauguration
- Lily slept poorly last night, so I am a little crabby and a little sleepy
- it is my Dad's birthday
- my whole body is very tired due to lack of sleep, but mostly a killer swim last night
- I am thinking of bacon, eggs and toast for lunch
- Matt has a class starting tonight, which means Tuesdays are going to be very long days
- and I won't get to go swim tonight, which means I will be extra unhappy
- Lily has learned to stand up in her crib, so when she doesn't want to nap, she stands up and screams. Happy screams, but screams none the less
- so now she is in the pack and play next to me, so I can watch all the inaugural coverage. But I doubt she will sleep.
- and she has been wanting her pacifier 24/7 lately. and she has been crabby. maybe more teeth?

I live an exciting and glamorous life, don't I?

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