Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Toy and a New Tooth

Lily now has her seventh tooth. It is a bottom tooth, and I didn't even notice it was coming in. My friend pointed it out to me when we were hanging out the other day. I guess after the first couple, I just stopped noticing. Also, since it is a bottom one, it is hard to see. I am starting to give her more finger foods, which she seems to like, and the dogs love. More food ends up on the floor than in her mouth and the dogs have learned that meal time means treat time for them. They eagerly sit by her high chair, dodging flying sippy cups just waiting for tasty morsels to fall.

Lily is also showing a preference for standing whenever possible. She pulls herself up whenever she has something sturdy to hang on to. Lily received quite a few Target gift cards for Christmas, so I decided to put one to use. I bought her a Fisher Price activity table. So far she loves it. I wish it was a little heavier because when she leans on it, it slides a little bit. And it isn't heavy enough for her to really pull herself up on it yet. But she has a lot of fun pushing the buttons and is just so proud of herself standing there. Thanks Great Aunt Beth and Great Uncle Merv! As a side note, the thing talks...various things like the alphabet and numbers, colors and animals. We have quite a few talking toys, and I discovered that this little table has the same voice as a little purse she got for Christmas. We have way too many Fisher Price toys. Are they publicly traded? I think I should buy stock!


Cecile said...

Hello Kelly,

I follow the cloth diaper whisperer and I read that you made you own cloth wipes. I'd love to try and make my own. How did you make yours, what did you use? thanks!

Your daughter is adorable!

Kelly said...

Hi Cecile,

I used flannel on one side and fleece on the other. The flannel was the stuff that didn't have flame retardant in it, so when you buy it, it is usually labeled as not recommended for use in children's pajamas. I just laid the two pieces together and cut them, I would say they are about 4 inches by 9 inches, though they aren't all exactly the same size. I then just sewed them together and trimmed the edges. They didn't take very long to make. After the first wash, I did need to trim the little strings because the flannel frayed a little bit, but after the first couple washes of pulling little strings off, they stopped fraying and have been working great.
This post shows a picture of them:
I just wet a bunch and put them in a disposable wipe container. They fit perfectly without folding.
And thanks, we think she is pretty cute too! :)