Friday, January 30, 2009

a girl and her doggie

when everyone asked over the past ten months, how are the dogs (in relation to the baby), our response has been pretty much the same..ehh. they could take her or leave her. they ignore her pretty much. they are just two (three) beings existing in the same place at the same time without really interacting. that is, until she started crawling. man oh man, lily and lucy. two peas in a pod. best buds for life. eli is just weirded out by this little person. she still stays away. but lucy is really found her calling. maybe she suddenly feels that she needs to be a protector. maybe she has made peace with the fact that the baby is here to stay. possibly it is that lily now eats in a high chair and feeds herself for the most part and she is a messy eater. lucy is faithfully sitting under the high chair, patrolling the kitchen at each meal. she doesn't let one tasty morsel of chicken or banana or cheese hit the floor. and lily will look over the side of her high chair and give lucy a look as if to say "i see ya...don't bite is yours." it is really too cute, albeit crowded in our already too cramped kitchen. but the most endearing part of the friendship is how lucy just takes it. she takes lily grabbing her tags and holding on for dear life. she takes lily crawling all over her. she takes lily learning how to pet nice, even though it means getting her ears pulled and eyes poked. she takes it, because she knows at the next meal, lily will hook her up. it is really a beautiful friendship! lily makes a bee-line for lucy everytime. and while lucy could easily get out of the way...she just doesn't. she still likes to act aloof, but i know there is a soft spot in her doggie heart just for lily.
and yes, they are always supervised while playing together!

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Anna said...

AWWW this is my favorite post yet, I think. Miss you guys!!!