Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas...The Finale

Our Christmas celebration ended this year at my in-laws house. We headed over a little after noon and spent the next two hours opening gifts and munching on cookies. Lily was once again spoiled, as were Matt and I. We received so many wonderful gifts, including a lot of "donations" to our new kitchen sink fund. We have now bought the sink, we just need to install it. Lily got lots of toys and books and clothes. She had a great time opening all her presents and really seemed to have the hang of it by the time the day was over. After the gift opening marathon, we all relaxed and watched Ben Hur (all 4 hours of it!) Lily got in a nice nap, first on Aunt Anna, then on Grandma, then on Mommy. Mommy took a little snooze as well, and I think a few other people may have dozed also. We had a nice dinner, followed by more cookies for dessert. It was a really nice day and I think Lily had a wonderful first Christmas, all four parts of it! She certainly has enough toys and clothes to last her quite a while!

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