Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zoo Lights

Yesterday we headed to the zoo. We decided that since the weather was so nice, and since we have a membership, and since Matt is off this week, a trip to the zoo seemed like the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Matt's sister, dad, aunt and brother all went along. We were pleased that a lot of the animals were actually out, enjoying the sun. Who knew that 40 degrees was African Lion weather?
Matt was a little nervous. He didn't think the moat around the enclosure would deter an determined lion.
Of course, I expected to see the polar bears. This weather is like their summer.
I was excited to see the polar bear actually moving about his habitat, instead of just pacing the back wall, like every other time I have been there. He was also actually white, which was nice. Last time, I kid you not, he was green. I think his improved attitude may have to do with his friend.
I have only ever seen one polar bear there in the past. Companionship definitely can increase your outlook!
Notice the bears color and activity last time I was saw him. I think things have improved. Actually, I read somewhere that the green color was due to some seasonal algae in their ponds.

We had only intended to stay for a short time, but as typical, time got away from us. Which was fine with me. We actually got to see all the zoo lights. I think they put up about a hundred million gillion zillion lights. It is very pretty. We were able to get a couple cute pictures.

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