Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas...Part 3

This Christmas morning was the best one of my life so far because it was the first one with my own child. Christmas is really so exciting as kids, and then you get older, and it isn't quite as exciting. But then when you have your own kids, it is even more exciting than when you were a kid. It was really the perfect morning. We woke up all together in bed, because of course Lily will never sleep the entire night in her crib. We headed out into the living room to behold all that Santa had brought. Actually, we headed into the play room because Santa had set up Lily's present in there. A toybox! I can finally have my laundry basket back!
Santa had lots of little elves working to get this present, and thankfully it was to be this year! Thanks Elf Steph! Then after playing in the toybox for a little, we headed to the tree to open some more gifts. We weren't really going to get much for Lily this year, besides Santa bringing the toy box, but at the last minute, I FINALLY started to get some Christmas spirit, and then started to feel like a scrooge for not having anything for Lily. So I went out and got her a couple practical gifts - a fancy sippy cup that I could only justify buying as a Christmas gift, some clothes (that happened to be on super clearance) and a basket for the bath tub to hold all her bath toys. I had these gifts all nicely wrapped with tags that said from Mommy and Daddy. But then Matt went out and bought some gifts and wrapped them and the tags only said from Daddy. I then had to get her a couple more things that were only from Mommy. I couldn't have my sweet, sweet girl thinking Daddy loves her more! (I don't really think gifts = love!!!) After opening presents, Matt made us - well, me - a wonderful breakfast. Matt truly has a gift for making breakfast! Matt and Lily then headed in for a nap. It was really the most precious thing. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't want the flash of the camera to wake either of them up. I had a nice, leisurely shower. I was actually able to get completely ready before they woke up. I got everything ready to head over to my in-laws and then woke up the two sleepyheads so Matt could shower and I could get Lily ready. Here are some pictures from our lovely Christmas morning!

The last two pictures are of the dogs enjoying their Christmas bones. There are no pictures of Matt and I opening presents because we decided to splurge and finally get a Wii. Of course they were sold out, so we just got it tonight (Dec. 30th!!).

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